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Stick Figure

StickIdea original appearance

The original Stick Figure is a character from the original Smiley channel. It is the oldest character and first appeared in the video StickIdea. StickIdea is my first video uploaded to Youtube. It's last appearance on the original Smiley channel was in the video Sketchbook. Since it is the first stickman character, it is just called the Stick Figure.

Appearance #

The Stick Figure's appearance is a small simple black stick figure with lines that are thicker than Smiley's. It is smaller than Smiley and doesn't have a face. The Stick Figure probably has the simplest appearance of all the characters.

History #

The Stick Figure's first appearance was in the video StickIdea, the first video. In StickIdea it simply has an idea and jumps up for joy. I used this simple stick character in a few stories in the first videos that even predate the first channel. Later I used this character in my animation program with my cursor to make animator vs animation like videos. I used Pencil2D to make this Stick Figure. It last appeared in the video Sketchbook where it fought my cursor in the Autodesk Sketchbook art program.

Personality #

The Stick Figure is a simple character. It seems to be happy just taking a walk. It tries to make peace, but will fight if it needs to. It seems to like to fight with the cursor for some reason, even though it helped the Stick Figure and drew it's new body in the video Stick looses his body. It is strange that the cursor in that video was a drawing itself and the later cursor that the Stick Figure fights with is the real one.